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K Traveling has no cases of visa refusal and promises to waive the service fee for a second application if the refusal is not due to incorrect/false materials provided by the applicant.

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Frequently asked questions about visa application

Q: Do I need to make an appointment in advance to submit my visa application? If the appointment fails, can the service fee be refunded?

A: Yes, submitting a visa application requires making an appointment in advance. Due to the limited and uncontrollable location of the visa center, we can only make appointments after obtaining the applicant's passport and BRP information. If the appointment fails, we will refund the service fee in full.

Q:How many days need to be left between the signing date and the departure date?

A: The applicant's submission date must be at least 15 days before the departure date. If the applicant still insists on submitting the visa after less than 15 days, the risk of rejection will be borne by the applicant themselves.

Q: Does the K Global Schengen visa service guarantee applicants a multiple entry visa?

A: K Global Schengen visa service will select "apply for multiple round trips" for each applicant when submitting their application. But please note that the final visa result and validity period depend entirely on the visa officer's review, which is not something we can intervene with artificially. If the visa officer only approves "single entry", this cannot be used as a reason for refusal or requesting a refund.

Q:If there is a refusal to sign, will we refund the service fee?

A: So far, we have not had any cases of visa refusal. We promise that if the refusal is not caused by the applicant providing incorrect or false materials, we will waive the service fee and apply for a second time for the applicant.

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