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About us

K Traveling was founded in 2013, headquartered in London, and is a professional UK travel company. Since its establishment, it has been committed to becoming a good carrier for cultural exchange between the UK and China, providing customized tourism and team reception services, and is one of the excellent local companies in the UK.

Why book with us?

Professional services

  • Drivers and tour guides have undergone professional training, and the fleet holds valid operating permits. The drivers and vehicles used for transportation have legal operation licenses.

  • Moreover, the vehicle brand types cover comprehensively, from 5-seater luxury cars to 52-seater coaches, all available.

  • We maintain good long-term partnerships with major airlines, cruise companies, hotels, and rental car companies to provide the most reliable professional services and the best prices.

Comprehensive products

  • K Traveling offers a wide range of services covering various types of tours in the UK and even across Europe. We have launched various tour packages to meet the diverse needs of different groups, and we can also provide customized high-end travel routes according to customers' specific requirements.

  • We also provide private car services such as airport transfers and long-distance travel.

  • In addition, we offer winter and summer camp programs. We design the program curriculum ourselves, incorporating British cultural history into the program content and combining it with relevant sightseeing and leisure activities.


  • All bookings made through K Traveling, whether it be for travel, car rentals or air tickets, are covered by comprehensive financial protection.


  • K Traveling's customer service is composed of professional teams from China and the UK, providing enthusiastic, professional, and patient full-service to customers.

  • Our customer service staff has fluent communication skills in both Chinese and English, which can better meet the needs of customers with different language and cultural backgrounds.

  • We are committed to providing customers with thoughtful and considerate services, making their travels more enjoyable and comfortable.

  • Service process: Pre-consultation - Online customer service - Finalizing itinerary - Contract signing - Arranging WeChat communication group - Arranging tour guide - Starting the journey - Full-service tracking - After-sales service.

Wonderful world travel with attentive and caring service.

K Traveling helps you solve the troubles of your journey and takes you to see the world's countless rivers and mountains.

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