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Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions

旅行安排 Travel Arrangements

Please carefully read all the contents of this contract before registering and clearly indicate that you are willing to participate in our organized travel activities. Before booking any travel services, we promise to have carefully read, understood, and agreed to the service terms and conditions of this website, including all relevant content and precautions. Your continued use or booking behavior shall be deemed as an agreement reached with K Traveling regarding the terms and conditions of this service, and you acknowledge your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

费用 Fees

Service fees included

  • -Vehicle transportation expenses: including all transportation expenses listed in the itinerary. Drivers and tour guides work for 10 hours a day, and any overtime service caused by personal reasons of customers will be charged additional fees. Please confirm the specific amount with customer service.

  • -Accommodation fees: including the accommodation fees and standards listed in the itinerary. For tourism within the UK, please refer to the arrangement of star rated hotels including breakfast (during peak season, if there are special cities with limited resources, such as Sky Island, high-quality homestays of the same level will be arranged). The specific arrangement will be determined based on the booked itinerary.

  • -Meals: Specific meals included in the itinerary (excluding alcohol and water costs): The meals included are listed in the itinerary.

  • -Other booking fees: including other necessary expenses arranged during the itinerary. Please confirm with us in advance the cost of any additional booking items.

  • -Tour guide service fee: Tour guide service fee (excluding tips) and other service fees of our company (including destination travel agencies).

  • -Tour guide and driver tips: Some travel expenses may already include tips, and users do not need to pay extra. Please confirm the specific situation with us.

  • -Please note that customers are required to pay the full tour group fee when registering for K Traveling's UK domestic/outbound travel.

  • -Please note that all bookings for transportation, accommodation, meals, sightseeing programs, etc. are group bookings. If you do not participate due to personal reasons, it will be considered as voluntary waiver without refund or compensation.

  • -Please note that small groups with less than 8 people will be arranged as both tour guides, while models with more than 8 people will be arranged with additional tour guide services.

Expenses not included

  • -Visa fees, personal travel insurance premiums purchased by customers, self funded items during the trip, and meals.

  • -The contract does not specify the expenses to be paid by our company (including but not limited to expenses for non contractual activities outside of the itinerary, and expenses incurred during the free arrangement of activities).

  • -Personal expenses incurred by customers during the itinerary, including but not limited to non free catering expenses on transportation, baggage overweight fees, laundry, telephone, beverage and alcohol expenses during accommodation, personal entertainment expenses, personal injury and medical expenses, costs and compensation for recovering lost personal items, and compensation expenses caused by personal reasons.

  • -Entry and exit fees and surcharges: local entry and exit fees, fuel surcharges, baggage overweight fees, customs duties, etc.

  • -Single room difference: For passengers who have an odd number of individual or combined group members, if they request to use a single or double standard room, additional fees will be charged.

  • -Price adjustment: Due to the rise of foreign currency exchange rate, fuel, transportation, hotel and other costs, we reserve the right to adjust the tour fee before departure.

  • -Tour guide and driver tips. The tipping standard is £ 3 per person per day.

Personal travel insurance

Customers need to purchase and purchase sufficient personal travel insurance before leaving the group to ensure maximum compensation in the event of an accident. Personal travel insurance refers to short-term insurance purchased by travelers themselves or through insurance agencies such as travel agencies, air ticket agents, scenic spots, etc., with their own life, body, property, or related interests during the travel period as the insurance subject, including but not limited to aviation accident insurance, tourism accident insurance, emergency rescue insurance, and special project accident insurance. The period of free activity arrangement refers to the period of free activity arranged in our company's itinerary, the period during which customers do not participate in tourism itinerary activities, the period during which customers leave their accommodation facilities before and after the daily itinerary, and the period during which customers temporarily leave the group with the consent of the tour guide.

甲方权利与义务 Party A's Rights and Obligations

K Traveling Rights

  • -Our company has the right to verify the authenticity of all information and materials provided by users.

  • -Our company has the right to charge all travel expenses to users in accordance with these service terms.

  • -Our company has the right to decide whether to accept clients to participate in the delegation based on their physical health condition and relevant conditions.

  • -Our company has the right to refuse unreasonable requests from customers that exceed the contractual agreement

  • -In case of emergency, our company has the right to take necessary emergency measures and adjust itinerary, transportation, accommodation, tour guides, and other related resources adaptively based on the consideration of optimizing travel arrangements.

K Traveling’s Obligations

  • -Our company has an obligation to provide customers with detailed travel plans and itineraries, including specific content, time, and transportation information.

  • -Our company should make necessary reminders and take safety measures to remind customers of their personal and property safety. If losses or injuries are caused by accidents or force majeure, our company will make every effort to take reasonable and necessary protection and assistance measures to avoid the expansion of customer's personal and property rights losses. We strongly recommend customers to purchase personal travel insurance and other insurance.

  • -With the consent of the client, our company can assist in booking additional hotels, scenic spot tickets, etc. If the booking cannot be made due to uncontrollable reasons, our company will not be responsible.

  • -Our company promises not to violate the contract agreement, force or indirectly force customers to shop or participate in self funded projects during the itinerary.

乙方权利与义务 Party B's Rights and Obligations

User rights

  • -The customer has the right to request our company to provide complete travel plans, itinerary arrangements, accommodation, catering, and transportation information.

  • -The customer has the right to request our company to arrange the itinerary and handle related matters according to the service terms and conditions.

User obligations

  • -When applying for the team, truthfully provide personal information to our company, such as health status, contact information, etc., and take responsibility for the content provided. The contact information provided must be frequently used or able to be contacted in a timely manner.

  • -Pay the travel expenses according to the contract agreement.

  • -Customers need to ensure that their personal passport, visa/endorsement are valid during the travel period.

  • -According to the contract, complete the travel itinerary with the group reservation, cooperate with the unified management of the tour guide, and take measures to prevent losses from expanding in case of emergencies.

  • -Comply with UK and local laws, regulations, and relevant regulations, and refrain from engaging in illegal activities during travel itineraries, as well as engaging in pornography, gambling, and drug-related activities.

  • -Comply with public order and social morality, and respect local customs and traditions; Respect the personality of tourism service personnel, behave in a civilized manner, do not scribble on the landscape or buildings, do not spit or litter.

  • -Take good care of your luggage, especially valuable items such as cash, bank cards, passports, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

  • -Customers need to purchase appropriate travel insurance before departure.

  • -Users over 18 years old should travel with their parents or legal guardians, or provide a guardian's consent form. Users over 70 years old should have at least one companion under 70 years old and purchase valid travel insurance.

  • -Follow the designated gathering location and time as required by the tour guide during the itinerary. If you are seriously late or leave the team, please contact the tour guide immediately and return to the team. But the resulting series of transportation and other expenses are borne by the guests themselves.

  • -Please note that if you are late for more than 15 minutes, please go to the next attraction by yourself. If you leave midway due to personal reasons, our company will not bear any consequences.

违约责任 Liability for Breach of Contract

K Traveling’s liability for breach of contract

-If our company fails to provide services that match the quality and price as agreed in the contract, or adjusts the travel itinerary without the consent of the customer (excluding force majeure factors), resulting in a reduction in projects, shortened travel time, or lowered standards, measures should be taken to remedy the situation. If no remedial measures are taken, corresponding compensation responsibilities should be borne.
User's liability for breach of contract

-The customer shall bear the personal and property losses caused by personal breach, fault, behavior during free activities, or health condition. If such situations cause losses to our company or third parties, the customer shall be responsible for compensation.

-If the customer needs to modify the confirmed itinerary, they should notify our company at least 7 days before the departure of the itinerary. We will do our best to cooperate, but the final result depends on the specific situation at the time. Any modifications made within 6 days prior to departure will be considered as a cancellation of the reservation and will be processed in accordance with the cancellation policy.
Cancellation Policy

0% of the total fee will be charged 31 days before departure (including 31 days)

25% of the total fee will be charged 15 to 30 days before departure (including the 30th day)

50% of the total fee will be charged 8-14 days before departure (including the 14th day)

100% of the total fee will be charged within 7 days before departure (including the 7th day)

*Please note that this refund and modification rule applies to all of our company's products. For different tourism products, please refer to the official website for specific refund and modification rules.

不可抗力与意外事件 Force Majeure and Accident

  • -Force majeure refers to objective circumstances that are unforeseeable, unavoidable, and insurmountable due to natural and social reasons, including but not limited to natural disasters, wars, strikes, major infectious diseases, government actions, and other events.

  • -Unexpected events refer to situations where our company has made reasonable and maximum efforts, but still cannot avoid causing delays or cancellations in public transportation (such as trains and flights) during the travel itinerary, as well as adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, major concierge events, etc.

processing mechanism

  • -Due to weather issues, traffic delays, accidents, strikes, wars, terrorist attacks, or other circumstances beyond our control that require changes to transportation, accommodation, itinerary, or additions or deletions to tourism projects, our company or its authorized agency may handle the situation at their discretion, and the client has no objection. If additional costs are incurred, they must be borne by the customer; If the cost is reduced, our company will refund the customer proportionally.

  • -In the event of force majeure or unexpected events before departure, our company and the customer can negotiate and decide to cancel or extend the itinerary. If it is decided to cancel the itinerary, our company will deduct the incurred and non refundable fees and refund the remaining fees to the customer.

争议解决 Dispute Resolution

In the process of implementing these service terms, if any disputes arise, our company and the customer should first resolve them through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails to successfully resolve the dispute, either party has the right to submit the dispute to a court with jurisdiction in the United Kingdom for arbitration.

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