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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

K Traveling contract

K Traveling Limited

Business scope: team travel, winter and summer camps, Sino-British exchanges

Contact address: The Coach House, 44 Harlington Road West, Feltham, TW14 0JJ, UK

Contact number: 0044-02036014508


Bank Name: Lloyds


Sort Code: 30-94-42

Account Number: 31553762

Please read the entire content of this contract carefully before signing up. Signing up and paying means that the customer accepts all the terms of the contract, and the contract will automatically take effect after our company sends the group "departure confirmation".

1. Tour group times

1.1. The correct booking process: sign up to generate an order> payment> our company will send a "departure confirmation" in the form of an email> departure.

1.2. Please do not book any transportation connections, hotel accommodations, etc. before the travel agency’s email confirms the successful registration of the group. Any losses caused by this must be borne by the tourists themselves.

1.3. The information contained in the contract is based on the current time information released by it. Our company reserves the right to modify the contract information before you make a reservation and the modified information will become part of the contract signed by the customer and our company. The customer must ensure that the selected itinerary information (including the price) is fully checked with our company when booking.

1.4. The guest must provide the correct name on the travel document, and clearly check the passenger's name and document information on the electronic confirmation ticket. The guest shall bear the additional costs and responsibilities caused by the incorrect provision of personal information.

1.5. Infants who do not need transportation arrangements for hotel beds, meals, and occupations will generally only be charged the handling fee of the transportation service provider. Please consult our company before registering. Children can enjoy discounts if they do not occupy a bed. For details, please refer to individual product descriptions.

1.6. People under the age of 18 should travel with their parents or guardians who are over 18 years old. Otherwise, the parents or guardians over the age of 18 must sign a "confirmation letter" to agree to join the group, and they must have a valid comprehensive travel insurance. . Persons aged 70 or above must have a valid comprehensive travel insurance and should be accompanied by at least one companion under 70 years old.

1.7. Various transportation service providers have different requirements for pregnant women with the highest pregnancy weeks or babies with the lowest age to participate. Please consult our company for details.

1.8. The company reserves the final right to refuse or accept passenger registration.

2. Tour group fee

2.1. Tourists are required to pay the tour group fee in full when signing up for the UK domestic/outbound travel organized by K Traveling.

2.2. Travel expenses include: (1) Car and transportation: the various means of transportation listed in the itinerary; (2) Accommodation: the accommodation listed in the itinerary; (3) Specific meals in the itinerary ( Drinks are not included): Meals included in the itinerary; (4) Other expenses included in the itinerary include items; (5) Tour guide service fee (excluding tips) and our company (including the travel agency at the destination) ) Other service fees.

2.3. Travel expenses do not include: (1) Any visa processing fees; (2) Personal travel insurance premiums insured by the customer; (3) The contract clearly identifies the cost of the project that requires the customer to pay for it; (4) The contract does not stipulate that our company will pay Expenses (including but not limited to the expenses required for non-contractual activities outside the itinerary, expenses incurred during the free arrangement of activities); (5) Tips for the tour guide and driver; (6) Personal expenses of the customer during the itinerary, including but not Limited to non-free food and beverage expenses on transportation, excess baggage expenses, laundry, telephone, beverage and alcohol expenses during the stay, personal entertainment expenses, personal injury and medical expenses, expenses and remuneration for recovering personal lost items, caused by personal reasons (6) Entry and exit fees and surcharges: entry and exit fees, fuel surcharges, excess baggage fees, customs taxes, etc.; (7) Single room difference: single or combined group of passengers with an odd number of people, A surcharge for the use of a double standard room alone is required.

2.4. In view of the increase in costs due to foreign currency fluctuations, fuel, transportation, and hotel prices, the company reserves the right to increase the tour fee before departure.

3. Personal travel insurance

Customers need to purchase full personal travel insurance before leaving the group to ensure maximum compensation after the accident. Personal travel insurance refers to short-term insurance purchased by travelers themselves or through insurance agencies such as travel agencies, air ticket agents, scenic spots and other insurance agencies that take their own life, body, property or related interests during the travel period as the subject of insurance, including but not limited to aviation accident insurance, Travel accident insurance, emergency rescue insurance, accident insurance for special projects. The period of freely arranged activities refers to the period of free activities arranged in our itinerary, the period during which the customer does not participate in the travel itinerary, the period of personal activities in which the customer leaves the accommodation facility before and after the start of the daily itinerary, and the individual who temporarily leaves the group with the consent of the tour guide During the activity.

4. Leaving the group, being late and leaving the group

4.1. After participating in the tour group organized by our company, the customer shall be deemed to have left the tour if he fails to complete the agreed itinerary with the group due to objective reasons such as illness and loss of documents. Our company does not bear any consequences caused by such actions.

4.2. During the trip, the customer needs to return to the agreed meeting place at the time required by the tour guide. If the customer encounters any emergencies or emergencies, they should contact the tour guide or our contact person in time. If you are late for no reason, our company will treat you as a waiver of travel, and the fee will not be refunded. If the customer is late due to personal reasons, and the customer needs and wants to keep up with the team, the tour guide and driver will not pick him up for him. Tourists need to contact the tour guide and return to the team as soon as possible. Therefore, the personal transportation expenses incurred shall be borne by the customer.

4.3. After participating in the tour group organized by our company, the customer leaves the tour group without authorization. If the customer does not complete the agreed itinerary with the tour group, it will be regarded as leaving the group. Customers need to return to the team as soon as possible according to the itinerary or contact the tour guide, but all the transportation and other expenses incurred due to this must be borne by the tourist.

5. The force majeure event and the influence of the third party on the validity of the contract

5.1. During the travel, due to unforeseen, unavoidable and insurmountable objective circumstances, including those caused by natural and social reasons, such as natural disasters, wars, strikes, major infectious diseases, government actions and other special circumstances. If performing or continuing to perform the contract, the tour guide has the right to change the corresponding content after the consent of the majority of the tour team members; if the situation is urgent and cannot be solicited and the majority of the tour team members cannot agree, our company can decide the content change, but it should Provide necessary explanations and evidence for the decisions made, and implement the principle of more refunds and less supplements for expenses. Our company is not responsible for the personal losses of customers caused by force majeure.

5.2 In case of force majeure or unexpected events before the trip, the two parties can cancel the trip or postpone the trip after negotiation. If the itinerary is cancelled, our company will refund the travel expenses in full to the customer. If travel expenses have been incurred, they shall be shared reasonably after consultation between the two parties.

5.3 If force majeure is encountered during the itinerary and the travel contract cannot be continued, the unincurred travel expenses shall be returned to the customer, and the additional travel expenses shall be borne by the customer.

(Force majeure factors: The so-called force majeure factors refer to "unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective conditions." Force majeure mainly includes the following situations: (1) Natural disasters, such as typhoons, floods, and hail; (2) Government actions , Such as expropriation and expropriation; (3) Social abnormal events, such as strikes and riots.)

Travel documents and visas

1. Customers should ensure that the travel document is valid for more than 6 months (calculated based on the return date), and there are enough blank pages for visa labels and entry and exit stamping.

2. Customers must understand clearly whether their travel documents, visas and personal information are in compliance with the entry and exit regulations of the relevant countries. If the passenger is denied boarding or entry and exit due to travel documents, visas or personal issues, the company shall not be held responsible , The delays, additional transportation or boarding expenses caused by the passengers are the responsibility of the passengers themselves, and our company will not refund any money or make any compensation to the passengers for this reason.

3. The visa approved by our company is determined by the consulate, and our company is not responsible. If the visa has been applied for, even if the visa is refused, the related visa fee and agency fee will not be refunded.

4. The customer fails/fail to provide sufficient information in time when applying for a visa by himself or on our behalf, causing delay or non-approval, and the consequences and losses shall be borne by the passenger.

5. (1) If our company cancels the tour group due to compelling reasons or the passenger for any reason, the agency fee and visa fee for visa application by our company on behalf of the passenger will not be refunded. (2) If the company cancels the tour group due to other reasons, the agency fee for visa application and group visa fee will be refunded within 5 working days. The visa fee for individual visa is not refundable.

6. Our company's rights as a travel agency

6.1. Decide whether to accept customers to sign up for the group based on the customer's physical health and relevant conditions.

6.2. The right to verify the relevant information provided by the customer.

6.3. According to the contract, the customer will be charged the full travel expenses.

6.4. During the travel, the tourist team can take emergency measures to avoid danger in case of emergency.

6.5. The right to reject unreasonable requests made by customers that exceed the contractual requirements.

6.6. The right to adjust the routes, vehicles, hotels, tour guides and all other related resources in the itinerary for the sake of optimization arrangements.

7. Our company's obligations as a travel agency

7.1. In accordance with the content and standards stipulated in the contract and the itinerary plan, provide the tour team with tourism services of consistent quality and price. For items that may endanger the personal and property safety of customers and issues that must be paid attention to, they shall make true explanations and clear warnings to the customers before reporting to the delegation, and take measures to prevent the occurrence of hazards.

7.2. According to the content and standards stipulated in the contract and the itinerary plan, arrange qualified tour guides for the tour team.

7.3. Properly keep all the documents submitted by customers.

7.4. In response to matters that may endanger the personal and property safety of customers and issues that must be paid attention to, our company needs to make true explanations and clear warnings when reporting group money to customers, and take reasonable and necessary measures to prevent hazards from occurring. When property rights and interests are damaged, reasonable and necessary protection and rescue measures shall be taken to avoid the expansion of the personal and property rights and interests of customers, and it is strongly recommended that customers purchase travel personal insurance and other insurances.

7.5. During the itinerary, it is not allowed to violate the contract, forcing or in disguise to force the customer to arrange shopping or participate in self-paid projects.

7.6. Keep customer personal information confidential in accordance with the law.

7.7. Actively coordinate and handle customer complaints during the travel itinerary. In the event of a dispute, appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent the loss from expanding.

8. Customer's rights

8.1. Enjoy all the rights granted to consumers by relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the law.

8.2. The right to request our company as a travel agency to issue a receipt when paying travel expenses.

8.3. The right to require our company as a travel agency to honor the travel itinerary services in accordance with the contents and standards of the contract and itinerary arrangements.

8.4. Enjoy all the rights granted to consumers by relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the law.

9. Customer's Obligations

9.1. When reporting a group, truthfully provide our company with personal information, such as health conditions, contact information, etc., and be responsible for the content provided. The contact information provided must be used frequently or can be contacted in time.

9.2. Pay the travel expenses in accordance with the contract.

9.3. Customers need to ensure that their personal passports and visas/endorsements are valid during the travel period.

9.4. According to the contract, complete the travel itinerary with the group booking, cooperate with the unified management of the tour guide, and take measures to prevent the loss from expanding in the event of an emergency.

9.5. Comply with British and local laws, regulations and relevant regulations, and shall not engage in illegal activities during the travel itinerary, and shall not participate in pornographic, gambling and drug-related activities.

9.6. Observe public order and social ethics, respect local folklore and customs; respect the personality of travel service personnel, be civilized, do not scribble on landscapes and buildings, do not spit or throw rubbish.

9.7. Take good care of your luggage, especially valuables, such as cash, bank cards, passports, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

9.8. Disputes arising during the itinerary shall be resolved in accordance with the principle of equal consultation, and appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent the expansion of losses. It is not allowed to delay the itinerary or leave the group by refusing to board the plane (car, boat).

9.9. During the free activities during the itinerary, customers should choose activities within the risk range of their own control according to their personal circumstances, and be responsible for their personal and property safety.

9.10. Observe the meeting place and time required by the tour guide during the itinerary. If you are seriously late or leave the team, please contact the tour guide immediately and return to the team. However, the resulting series of transportation and other expenses shall be borne by the guests themselves.

9.11. Provide legal and valid evidence when requesting our company as a travel agency to assist in a claim for damages to legitimate rights and interests.

9.12. Be responsible for the actions of yourself and the members of the same group. If the customer’s itinerary is destructive, dangerous or endangering other passengers in the eyes of our company as a travel agency or other authoritative person, or the customer has or is about to damage the financial situation, our company has the right to reject the customer or terminate the customer’s Travel arrangements and refuse to continue to provide services to customers. If our company has terminated the service due to the customer's improper behavior, our company will not pay any loss due to the customer's personal reasons, and our company will not be responsible for the customer (including the customer's return arrangement).

9.13. During the group trip, due to the principle of voluntariness, all group members have the right to choose freely for all self-financed items (our company stated that they are self-financed items and that our company does not charge items and scenic spots). The price of self-financed items fluctuates due to time and market changes. Our company cannot guarantee that we can provide the lowest price plan. Group members can choose the options provided by our staff according to their wishes, or choose other channels available to them. Our company has no right and obligation to ensure that self-financed items are the lowest prices in the market. Due to the influence of seasons, weather and other factors, the business hours of self-financed projects will not be notified by our company.

9.13.1 Self-paid items (our company indicates self-paid items or third-party products or services). Customers can purchase third-party products and services on a voluntary basis. Through our reservations and (sometimes) our company may directly connect to the The booking page of the third-party provider allows customers to purchase these products or services more conveniently and quickly. However, these third-party service providers are companies independent of our company, and our company is not responsible for any errors in the content of the webpage. Our company does not sell or arrange any packages. 9.13.2 It is very important to read the terms and restrictions before booking a third-party service, because any reserved product through a third-party website or directly through our company will result in a contract between the customer and the relevant third party. This means that the customer needs to arrange any cancellation, change, or event-related matters directly with the third party.

10. Termination of contract

10.1. The client and our company can propose to terminate the contract in writing before the delegation.

10.2. If the customer fails to arrive at the agreed departure place at the agreed time and fails to join the tour group during the departure, it shall be deemed that the customer has voluntarily terminated the contract and shall be dealt with in accordance with Article 12 of this contract.

10.3. If an economic loss is caused to our company, the customer shall bear the corresponding compensation liability.

10.4. If the customer leaves the group during the itinerary, our company can terminate the contract. The customer shall not request our company to refund the travel expenses. If any loss is caused to our company, the customer shall bear the corresponding economic responsibility.

11. Our company is responsible for breach of contract as a travel agency

11.1. One-day tour in the UK: The lowest price provided by our company is based on the ideal number of members, and it will be reserved 3 days before departure (including the 3rd day). The group plan is cancelled or re-priced due to insufficient number of people. Our company shall refund all travel expenses to the customer within 5 working days from the arrival date of the notice of termination of the contract.

11.2. Multi-day tour within the UK: If our company cancels the tour 7 days before departure (including the 7th day) after sending the "departure confirmation" to confirm the group information, we will refund the full travel expenses to the customer. All travel expenses shall be refunded to the customer within 5 working days from the arrival date of the notice of cancellation of the contract.

11.4. If our company fails to provide services that are consistent with the quality and price as agreed in the contract, or adjusts the travel itinerary without the customer’s consent (except for force majeure), resulting in project reduction, travel time shortening or standard reduction, measures shall be taken to remedy, and no remedy has been taken. If measures are taken, it shall bear the corresponding liability for compensation.

11.5. If our company violates the contract to suspend the provision of accommodation, meals (listed in the itinerary), transportation and other travel services to the customer, we shall bear the same level of accommodation, meals, transportation, etc. that the customer ordered during the suspension of the travel service. Expenses, and negotiate with the customer to pay the travel penalty. If this causes other personal or property damage to the customer, our company shall also be liable for damages.

12. Client's liability for breach of contract

If customers need to modify their registered itinerary, our company will try our best to cooperate. If the customer wants to modify the confirmed itinerary, he must notify us by email more than 7 days (including the 7th day) before the departure of the itinerary, and we will try our best to meet the customer's requirements, but the result depends on the specific situation. If the customer needs to modify the itinerary within 6 days (including the 6th day) before the departure of the itinerary, our company will treat the modification as a cancellation of the reservation and deal with it in accordance with the terms of the cancellation of the reservation.

12.1. One-day tour within the UK: If the customer requests to cancel the tour more than 7 days before departure (including the 7th day), our company shall refund all travel expenses to the customer within 5 working days after receiving the notice. If you request to cancel your participation in the group within 6 days (including the 6th day) before leaving the group, you shall pay the business loss fee to our company according to the following standards:

Time from departure date

Cancellation fee

More than 7 days


3-7 days


Within 3 days


12.2. Multi-day travel in the UK: If the customer cancels the tour within 10 days (including the 10th day) before departure, the travel agency shall pay the business loss fee to the travel agency according to the following standards:

Time from departure date

Cancellation fee

More than 10 days


5-10 days


Within 5 days


12.3 Multi-day travel outside the UK

Other liability rules

1. Our company reserves the right to merge tour groups.

2. Our company’s tour groups are collected and distributed locally, and the itinerary arrangement or adjustment will not consider the situation of the customer's residence. The customer should properly plan the itinerary so that it can arrive at the assembly location on schedule.

3. Due to weather problems, traffic delays, accidents, strikes, wars, terrorist attacks or other circumstances beyond our control, we need to change traffic, accommodation, itinerary, or increase or decrease tourism items, etc., our company or its entrusted agency may According to the situation at the time, the customer shall have full authority to deal with it, and the customer shall not object. If additional costs are incurred, they must be borne by the customer; if the cost is reduced, our company will refund the customer proportionally.

4. The order of accommodation, meals, and sightseeing in the itinerary is subject to the local reception, subject to change without notice.

5. In any place, vehicle or activity, the customer must follow the relevant rules of use and take appropriate safety measures (for example: fasten seat belts). Except for the negligence of our company or its employees, our company is not responsible for any personal injury, property, entertainment or mental loss caused by customers for any reason.

6. For transportation, accommodation, meals or sightseeing projects provided by an entrusted third-party organization, if the customer encounters traffic delays, property damage, personal injury or death, mental loss, etc., the customer can directly negotiate or recover from the relevant agency in accordance with local laws For compensation, our company is not responsible for such matters.

7. The transportation, accommodation, meals, sightseeing programs, etc. arranged in the itinerary are all group bookings. If the customer fails to participate in any project due to personal reasons, it will be regarded as a voluntary waiver. Our company does not need to refund any money or make any compensation .

8. Customers are not allowed to change their participation in the group by others, and our company reserves the right to cancel their eligibility for the group without refunding any money or making any compensation.

9. If the customer often fails to follow the staff’s guidelines or arrangements when participating in various activities, seriously hinders the staff’s work, or makes insults or nuisances to the staff or other customers, the tour guide has the right to prohibit them from continuing to participate, depending on the specific circumstances. For team activities or cancellation of their eligibility to join the group, accompanying customers under the age of 18 under the supervision of the customer must also be treated in the same way. Our company does not need to refund any money or make any compensation for this. Customers are responsible for their actions after leaving the group, and everything has nothing to do with our company.

10. Customers must abide by the laws of various countries, prohibit entry and exit of prohibited items, and truthfully declare the items and cash they carry.

离出发日的时期 When from departure date
收取费用 Charge fee
出发前31天(含31天)31 days before departure (including 31 days)
出发前31天(含31天)31 days before departure (including 31 days)
出发前15-30天(含第30天)15-30 days before departure (including 30 days)
出发前8-14天(含第14天)8-14 days before departure (including 14 days)
离出发日的时期 When from departure date
收取费用 Charge fee
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