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Day trip

​Romantic Canterbury

Make appointments with lovers, sisters, friends, or even set off alone for a unique romantic trip!

Image by Sidharth Bhatia
Weekend tour around London

Oxford, Cowswood Day Trip

Admire many medieval buildings in the UK; visit Oxford Christ Church College and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a world-renowned university

Image by Tzenik
Weekend tour around London

Bath Stonehenge One Day Tour

Take a comfortable tour bus to explore the mysterious prehistoric civilization; stroll through the ancient Roman town of Bath and admire the large palace-style baths

Image by Tim Wildsmith
Weekend tour around London

One day trip to Oxford, Shakespeare

Walk on the streets full of English town style, experience every ray of sunshine in the town with your heart, experience the literary atmosphere here, and experience Shakespeare’s source of inspiration

Image by Heidi Fin

Tailored day trip  

Choose from London City, London Museum, World Heritage, etc. You can also customize your day trip according to your needs

Image by João Barbosa
Weekend leisure trip in London

London City Walking Day Tour

In your spare time on weekends, measure London with your feet!

Image by Robert Likovszki
Weekend leisure trip in London

Greenwich, Cambridge Day Trip

Starting from the standard point of the prime meridian, feel the magic of time zone; stroll through Cambridge, looking for the Kanghe Roubo described by Xu Zhimo

Image by King's Church International
Weekend tour around London

Windsor, Bicester day trip

Complimentary shopping and sightseeing; free shopping village discount card

Image by Obi Onyeador

​Prestigious Journey

Noble, gorgeous, and luxurious will be fully reflected in your golf trip

Image by Viktor Forgacs
Weekend leisure trip in London

London Museum Theme Cultural Tour

Professional commentators will explain to you one of the world’s four largest museums, the British Museum

Image by Callum Wale
Weekend tour around London

Castle and coast day trip

Explore the East of England in one breath, feel the white cliffs overlooking the English Channel from a strategically important place; understand the story of England’s past from ancient times to the present

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