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K Traveling raffle

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Activity terms

1. After the registration system is opened, the lottery will begin. There will be one period a week, and the lottery will be held every Friday night. After each draw ends, the next lottery system will be opened automatically. Regardless of whether the previous draw was won or not, users can continue to participate in the next draw without any freezing period and no final deadline.

2. K Traveling will send award-winning emails to the winning user’s mailbox; the list of award-winning users will be posted on YouTube (K Traveling), Douyu (K Traveling), Weibo (K-Traveling), Facebook (K Traveling), Twitter (K ​​Traveling) ) On the announcement.

3. Participating in the lucky draw is deemed to have agreed and is willing to abide by these terms and the terms and conditions released by K Traveling at other times.

4. The prizes are all electronic coupons and will not incur any other expenses such as mailing and delivery.

5. K Traveling does not assume any responsibility for failure to provide prizes due to force majeure.

6. K Traveling has the right to cancel a certain period of activity or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice

7.K Traveling reserves the right to change or end the activity as needed.

8. The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to K Traveling.


Participation method

1. Only registered users can sign up to participate in the lottery. The registration method is to submit their name, correct email address and confirm password.

2. After user registration/login, you need to click "Participate in the lottery" to confirm participation in each session. For example: after the first draw is over, you need to click "participate in the draw" to confirm your participation in the second draw.

3. Registration and lottery are all free to participate.


Participation qualification

1. The user must understand and agree to the following points: 1) Each user can only participate in one lottery draw per period; 2) One email address can only correspond to one participant; 3) Once any participant is found, try to use multiple Or different mailboxes or other means to obtain more places, the participant's registration qualification will be cancelled.

2. Incomplete or inaccurate registration information may result in the inability to participate in the lottery.



1.1) First prize (×1): Travel vouchers worth £100 (one-time minimum consumption of £500 can be used); 2) Second prize (×2): Travel vouchers worth £50 (one-time minimum consumption £ 300 can be used); 3) Third prize (×10): a travel voucher worth £15 (no minimum consumption threshold, which can be used for any travel product of K Traveling or K Traveling car APP).

2. Winners are randomly selected by the system

3. Prizes cannot be replaced, transferred to other accounts or exchanged for cash

4. In case of special circumstances, K Traveling reserves the right to replace the original prize with a prize of equal value or higher than the original prize value

5. The prizes (vouchers) are valid for use within 3 months from the day of winning. If the prizes (vouchers) cannot be used within the validity period due to force majeure, the solution should be decided after friendly negotiation between the winning user and K Traveling.

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