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About us

  • We have been committed to Sino-British exchanges and have many educational partners to meet students of all ages for study tours (游学) and summer camps.

  • We are one of the few travel companies in the UK that use business drivers throughout the journey to ensure a comfortable and safe journey.

  • We have a strong fleet of vehicles, from luxury coaches, to seven-seater luxury business cars, Tesla cars and other models for you to choose from.

  • We have a strong logistics team who ensure that customers, drivers and tour guides can get help from our head office throughout the entire process and deal with any unexpected situations.

  • We are committed to philanthropy. During the Covid-19 period in the United Kingdom, we have worked with our partners and have done our best to help stranded students and tourists.

Company Information

K Traveling Limited was established in the United Kingdom on 9th December, 2013, with company registration number 8806379. Its headquarters are in London. Since its establishment it has been committed to promoting positive cultural exchanges between the UK and China. It has cooperated with several well-known Chinese travel agencies to organise personalised tourism and group activities. We are one of the best local tour operators.

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