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Image by Chris Karidis

5-days Arts Trip in Paris

Recording Paris by paintings

Almost no country could support and love art as much as France. There are more than 200 various art galleries and museums in Paris. Even some private museums hidden in streets have their own characteristics. So, replace your camera as a sketchpad should you feel inspired, head down to several wonderful museums in Paris with us. There are professional teachers to guide you, so do not worry that you cannot create satisfied masterpieces no matter you are a master or beginner of painting.

Image by Juan Di Nella
  • Before departure, we will send a touring reminder with detailed information to your registration email for reference.

  • Please keep your passport, BRP, bank cards or cash and other valuables carefully.

  • It is difficult to regularize the mealtime during the journey. Please prepare some snacks and drinks such as biscuits and chocolates for emergency.

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