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Three Day Trips

Day 1

London-Lake District

1. Depart from London and drive to the Lake District (about 5 and a half hours). Autumn in the Lake District is unbelievably beautiful, with uninterrupted mountain peaks, dotted lakes, green grasslands, and ancient primitive forests. Everything preserves the most primitive features of nature. It is hailed by National Geographic as the fifty worth visiting in a lifetime. One of the places. The lake area in the golden autumn is colorful, with layers of forests, mountains, water, and trees, like a colorful landscape oil painting, it is a paradise for photographers.

2. Enjoy lunch.

3. Tour the virgin forest of Grizedale. Grizedale virgin forest is located on the hill between Windermere Lake (Windermere Lake) and Coniston Water (Niston Lake). The forest is overgrown with dense oak trees and larch. It is golden autumn in October, full of golden mountains, and the forest is 40 kilometers long. The quiet path is covered with soft pine needles, which makes people lose in the golden romance. There are weird sculptures dotted in the mountains. The gurgling streams and ancient wooden bridges are so beautiful that they are unimaginable.

4. Enjoy dinner.

5. Return to the hotel.

Accommodation 1: Wateredge Inn (waterside hotel) double room about 160 pounds

Accommodation 2: The Old Courthouse, about 105 pounds

Day 2

Lake District-Peak District

1. After breakfast, head to Lake Windermere in the Lake District

2. Take a boat tour to Lake Windermere. Depart from Bowness-on-Windermere pier by boat, in the gentle autumn sunshine, facing the wind on the lake, feel with your heart and appreciate the magnificent scenery of the lake and mountains.

3. After enjoying the autumn by boat, take a bus to the peak area, which takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes.

4. After arriving in the Peak District, head to one of the most famous attractions in Peak District Park-Chatsworth House.

5. Have dinner and stay at the Peak District Hotel

Accommodation 1: Cavendish Hotel (Cavendish Hotel) about 220 pounds

Accommodation 2: Trough Ivy House about 110 pounds

Day 3

Peak District-London

1. After breakfast, proceed to Hope Valley. Hope is a very small and cute town. Almost everyone who sees its train station sign will smile and take a picture as a souvenir. It is very close to the signature Derwent Edge in the Peak District. The famous Salt Cellar is located here. The well-known BBC version of "Pride and Prejudice" was here for shooting. The reality is as fascinating as movies, and the scenery is refreshing. After climbing the mountain, I have forgotten all the troubles.

2. If you are physically fit, you can choose the Mam Tor hiking route. The difficulty level is easy, with a total length of 5 miles, passing through the most charming hill in the peak area-Mam Tor. The steep hill dates back to the Bronze Age and is also an amazing example of geology, and its shape can still be seen today. Walking along simple paved roads, most routes and uphills are fairly easy. Start from the National Trust’s Mam Nick parking lot and walk along the top of "The Great Ridge"; the magnificent landscape of the Grand Canyon separates the beautiful Hope Valley and the Edale Valley. The entire hike takes about two and a half hours to complete.

3. After lunch, drive to London. The journey takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to end the journey.

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