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Image by Gautier Pfeiffer

5-days Wine Tasting Trip in France

Explore several French super first-class wineries
​Professional tasters lead a team to appreciate wine

Enjoy the beauty of the vineyards in the ancient castles and thousand-year-old town.

Explore several Premier Cru Superieur and learn to taste wine with a professional taster.

Watch the sea while eat seafood at Arcachon which is one of the best seafood places in France.

Experience the rural life, stay in the hotel attached to the castle.

Image by Matt Lamers
  • Before departure, we will send a touring reminder with detailed information to your registration email for reference.

  • Please keep your passport, BRP, bank cards or cash and other valuables carefully.

  • It is difficult to regularize the mealtime during the journey. Please prepare some snacks and drinks such as biscuits and chocolates for emergency.

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